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Immanuelsgemeinde Stuttgart der Selbständigen Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche (SELK)


The Beginnings Of The Congregation

The Lutheran congregation started as the mission work of the South German Free Church in Pforzheim/Sperlingshof. The congregation joined the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church in 1922.

With members joining from the London sister congregation, the Immanuel congregation was established in the home of the Seez family in Untertürkheim on August 22, 1922. The congregation grew to 110 members in 1924. Church services were held in Stuttgart, Tübingen, Onolzheim and Ansbach i.B. The parish hall of the Reformed congregation in Langestr. 51 was used from 1923 until the bombings of 1944.

The destruction of Stuttgart almost brought an end to the congregation. Through the immigration of many refugees (many of whom where members of the Old Lutheran Church), the congregation was able to grow continually after the war. The members met in the buildings of the Old Pietist Congregation in the Furtbachstr. 16. In 1955 the congregation built its own church with a vicarage in the Schwarenbergstraße.

Since the merging of several Evangelical Lutheran churches in 1972, the congregation belongs to the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK).

Pastors who have served the congregation

Wilhelm Oesch (1922-1934)
Friedrich Walter (1934-1939)
Gerhard Stallman (1939-1967)
Hartwig Körtje (1967-1982)
Lienhard Krüger (1982-2002)
Theodor Höhn (2003-2014)
Scott Morrison (since 2017)